Jo has 22 years experience as a Physiotherapist and is a qualified contemporary yoga teacher. She has run her own business specialising in acupuncture, massage and musculoskeletal assessment and has done worksite assessments for corporate companies. Jo has a love of sport and competed at a regional level as well as coaching multiple sports teams in North Canterbury.  Specialising in Kind Yoga Jo provides you with a playground for how your  body naturally moves in a joyful and revitalising way. Kind Yoga teaches you how to practise Yoga both on and off your mat in your daily life


Sarah is a Physiotherapist with 22 years experience in both the public and private health sectors. She has been a Team Leader in an U.K hospital and owns a private Physiotherapy practice in North Canterbury. She has embraced holistic health practices working in the Sleepwell Clinic and holds a postgraduate qualification in  Acupuncture, integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine. Sarah has written for the Tots to Teen magazine and enjoys public speaking.

Her passion is to educate & empower people to optimise their health.


After graduating from University Stacey has spent 17 years in the learning and development industry working with people from all walks of life , large corporations through to families and individuals. Stacey is also a qualified NLP, Myers Briggs and Mindfulness practitioner and has a certificate in Adult Education amongst other relevant qualifications. She is an expert facilitator and inspirational speaker. Stacey  has  a special gift for enabling people to see their full potential and understand the necessary steps required to achieve this.